Fuelled by Pepsi Max, Law and Order SVU and a unique approach to self care, The Awreatha Range encompasses one of a kind vintage inspired wreaths curated with a love for the delightfully tacky.

Each Awreatha is full of layers. They will have you looking twice and noticing a new detail each time. They’re an experience built on fun and they bring such joy, but look a little closer and you’ll notice the importance of re-purposing objects. Especially seasonal items that are so easily discarded.

In the upcoming It's starting to look a lot like... KITSCHMAS online exhibition, each Awreatha piece embraces the spirit of Christmas amongst the most extreme collage project you’ve ever seen.

Break the mould. Celebrate the most wonderful time of year each and every day. And listen to a bit of Mariah Carey while you’re at it.

Patreon VIP access: 7pm AEST June 24th 2021
General public access: 7pm AEST June 25th 2021
Available until SOLD OUT
Afterpay available

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⁣Let the countdown begin!

Much love (Awreatha's) and candy hearts,
- Jess xx.