The Awreatha Range - Oops!... It's KITSCHMAS ...Again - Awreatha #8
The Awreatha Range - Oops!... It's KITSCHMAS ...Again - Awreatha #8

The Awreatha Range - Oops!... It's KITSCHMAS ...Again - Awreatha #8

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Hey, you! Kitschmas is back!

Making a debut in the third ever FTLOV online exhibition, Oops!... It's Kitschmas ...Again is full of wreaths fit for new homes. But they're not your average seasonal decoration...

Fuelled by Pepsi Max, endless hours of Britney and a unique approach to self care, The Awreatha Range is making it's festive return. These one of a kind vintage inspired wreaths are curated with a love for the delightfully tacky. Each piece embraces the spirit of Christmas among the most extreme collage project you’ve ever seen.

Each Awreatha is full of layers. They will have you looking twice and noticing a new detail each time. They’re an experience built on fun and they bring such joy, but look a little closer and you’ll notice the importance of re-purposing objects. Especially seasonal items that are so easily discarded.

In the Oops!... It's KITSCHMAS ...again online exhibition, grab yourself a one of a kind vintage inspired wreath (or two!) that you can display all year around!

Break the mould. Celebrate the most wonderful time of year each and every day. And listen to it's Britney, bitch while you’re at it.


Each Awreatha has her own personality. They're one of a kind.
So here's a little bio on this special little number:

Size: Appropriately 25cm x 25cm.
Colours: Silver, white and a dash of red - all clustered on a white tinsel wreath.
Key features: Sprinkles of vintage flocked ornaments, a FTLOV "Festive AF" candy heart decoration (RRP: $25) and assorted ornaments draped with beading and foliage.

Each Awreatha comes with a certificate of authenticity, with thanks for giving her a new and loving home.

I often get asked what is the best way to display your one of a kind Awreatha.

Wanna hang her on a door?
No worries! I strongly suggest purchasing a Made You Look - Awreatha Over the Door Hook in a complimentary colour which brings a little festive flair to your new addition. Alternatively, you can find your own over the door hook from regular retail/hardware stores. 

Wanna hang her on the wall?
No worries! I strongly suggest heavy duty wall hooks. Large 3m Command removable hooks (for renters and those who want to avoid holes in the walls) or just a decent mental hook for those of you who aren't scared of a hammer. If you feel like more support is required, add some simple wire to the back of your Awreatha or even make a small hole/indentation to the back of the wreath (form base) for a hook to sit in. Trial and test these options carefully!

Wanna display her on a shelf?
No worries! Get yourself a durable plate stand so you can showcase your Awreatha in all her glory. Make sure the plate stand is thick enough to accommodate for her curves.

Colour alterations: Please be aware that actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor, laptop, tablet and phone screen has a different capability to display colours. Everyone also sees tones of colour differently. FTLOV aims to edit listing photos to show all products as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual colour of your product may vary slightly from your monitor display.

Blemishes: Due to the nature of using a combination of new, vintage and second hand items as the main material of choice, each product is entirely unique. This may result in some blemishes or imperfections.

Pugs included!: Because each item is designed and assembled in a private home studio, some pug “glitter” may creep into your order unintentionally. Although the aim is to keep this to a minimum, please be aware of this If you have pet allergies.

Fancy making your own custom candy heart? Check out the custom orders page to find out how you can make your candy heart dreams come true!