Cuddle Coupon - Morpheus The Pug Fundraiser

Cuddle Coupon - Morpheus The Pug Fundraiser

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As you all may be well aware, my mate Morphie needs a little bit of extra TLC.

If you've tuned into FTLOV's social media lately, you'd know that Morph recently took a visit to the vets. He's healthy and has many years left in him yet.

- His gums and teeth are always an ongoing concern. They're not in great shape right now (even with all precautionary measures tried again and again). He may require some teeth removal.
- In addition, he has been diagnosed with Gingival Hyperplasia. This is where his gums are swollen and look overgrown. This will require surgery to remove the excess tissue.
- He's been a little wobbly on his hind legs for a while. I've tried injections and supplements but they have had short-lived success. He requires xrays to investigate what may be causing this.
So, it means he needs a little extra love. I'll be getting him the works asap so he can feel 100% better in himself.

Since receiving this news, I've had a roller-coaster of emotions.

- I have serious anxiety about his mortality.
- I've made the decision to go part time in my job soon which means less money to bank on.
- I've applied for a loan after only just paying out my debts which makes me feel like I'm going backwards.
- I've invested a lot in this business and at times like this, I second guess if it's financially viable after all these years.

I'm the breadwinner of my household. I care for my disabled partner. I'm a pug mama of two. They're my world. I run FTLOV as my happy place, but also have to work a day job to keep things going. Things are tough. In fact, life is fucking hard...
But I can be tougher.

Since announcing this update, I've had a number of people reach out to offer donations to Morphie's vet bills. This has been a tough pill for me to swallow, as I am quite stubborn. But I would do anything for Morph. So I am open to any support provided from the amazing community my business has grown.

So, how does this work?
A cuddle coupon is a donation option to support Morphie through this journey.
They are $1 each.
Select as many as you wish to equate to the donation value of your choice.

I will personally give him a cuddle for each dollar raised towards his vet bills. The estimate for the amount of work he requires is roughly $2k AUD.

As this is NOT a physical product, you will not be required to provide your postal address or choose a shipping method when buying this product.

I love my Morphie pug boi, and it's incredibly heartwarming to see how many admirers he has out there.

Thank you.